Nougat Cracker (Green onion)

Nougat Cracker—Green onion

Experience the delicate and flaky texture of this cracker with the satisfying taste of toasted green onion. Comprise two crisp green onion crackers that sandwich between them uniquely delicious creamy nougat filling. Our handmade creamy nougat with the low sweet healthy sugar— trehalose; these nougat crackers are firm enough for any entertaining occasion.

Cracker: Wheat flour, butter, palm oil, toasted green onion, yeast and salt.
Nougat: Maltose, trehalose, milk powder, butter and egg white.

Net Weight: 500g

Shelf Life: 45 days

Storage: Please keep in cool area and no direct sunlight place, and consume as soon as possible after opening.

Allergy Information: Products contains wheat, butter, egg, and milk.